Sonobi website redesign

I redesigned and implemented a new website for my company, sonobi. It’s now live.
Visit the site –> (I spent so much time on designing all the slider images, don’t forget to check them out :p )



Spring Fashion Inspiration

Apparently last Thursday was the first official day of spring. yay we’ve finally made it!

The temperature is slightly rising and the days are getting longer. As you can see, winter is not my thing that’s why I love living in Florida. While the rest of the country is freezing, we are soaking up the sun! Yep I just went to the beach last weekend!

I would say spring is my second favorite season of the year. (Sorry spring, summer wins out because I love beaches and crop tops. :p ) I love wearing lace and really soft colors in the Spring, but this year I am all about floral print, whether it’s a dress, a tunic, a skirt, shorts, or a headband.


1. Floral sunglasses from

2. Garden Goddess Floral Bib Necklace from Forever 21

3. Floral ankle strap heels from Steve Madden.. I am a huge fan of ankle straps!

4. I felt in love with these Winter Lennon floral shorts at first sight. <3 I love how she wears the light wash denim jacket with floral shorts. She is one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Jessica. She’s been my fashion inspiration since I can remember! — Be sure to check out her blog!

5. Vibrant Garden Floral Scarf from Forever 21

6. Kendra Scott Teardrop floral earrings

7. Floral bow bikini

I usually find my fashion inspiration on Pinterest. Where do you guys look for your fashion inspiration?


Whitespace in web design


What people usually do is that they underestimate the importance of white spacing on a web page.

What is whitespace?
If you’re not familiar with the term ‘whitespace’, it is the space between one interface element and another. Whitespace is often used to create a balanced, harmonious layout.Though white space is technically nothing but just a blank, we should learn to give more credit to it.

The main reason why I think it’s important – because it removes visual noise and allows for easier readability.

Visual noise makes it difficult for the users to digest information on web pages. I’ve seen many websites with lots and lots of information and elements on one page and not enough breathing space between those elements, which is very frustrating. Whitespace enables the reader to breath and make sense of the different elements in the web page.

Here is a little tip: If you need to divide text or break up certain areas on a Web page, try using whitepsace instead of using a horizontal line. You will be surprised by just how much you can accomplish with white space alone. :)

There are more many reasons why you should use whitespace more often. I found great articles to read. You should check out the following articles:

Use correctly because they can enhance the performance of a website, improve readability and make a great first impression. :) As you noticed, I use a lot of whitespace on my website too!


Flat UI Design vs Skeuomorphic UI Design

I have read multiple articles that say that the era of skeuomorphic (traditional) design on the web is over, and that a new era of so-called ‘flat design’ is the new thing for developers, but do users really like the flat design?

For those who answered “skeuowhat?” Skeuomorphism is a type of design that makes images look similar to real-life objects. Common examples of this include paper textures on notepad applications, a button look like a real life button, etc, and this is what we have been witnessing for many years.

and what exactly is this flat design thing? – it is simply a trend in which the designs look FLAT. That means getting rid of beveled edges, gradients, shadows, and reflections, and it features clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colors and two-dimensional/flat illustrations.

Here is the simple example:


ok, back to my question : ‘Do users really like the flat design?’

My answer is it all depends on the overall design.

Here are some pros and cons of flat design that I noticed.
Pros: It is easily scalable to responsive design. With flat design you can separate items or apply a hierarchy by putting lines, different sizes, different colors, etc.
Cons: The lack of visual effects might hurt the users’ experiences because everything is sooo flat and sometimes I don’t even know what is clickable and what isn’t. Buttons now look like labels.

I personally like the flat designs better but I try not to go too far with it because if you can’t find a button in an app right away that’s just bad UI design.


A New Typeface for US Highways

I have fallen in love with typography recently and started to read more articles/blogs about it, and I found this interesting article about US highway signs, but before I jump into the topic, I want to talk about the difference between legibility and readability in Typography.

Q: how legibility and readability differ?

As far as I understand, in typographic terms, legibility measures the reader’s ability to see the text. The most legible typefaces have individual character shapes which are clearly defined from one another. And, readability measures how much the reader wants to read the text.

I just talked about the difference between serif and sans-serif typefaces on my previous blog. So which is more legible: serif or sans-serif typefaces?


You can see that the serifs make it easy to see the difference between the Is and the Ls. The serifs provide a little extra detail. Studies have shown that serif typefaces are more legible than sans serif typefaces because of the details provided by the serifs. This is why you will not see a book type set in a sans serif typeface.

A new font has been approved by the government for use on signs on federal highways, according to Typographica. An effort to improve legibility is the reason why highway typography is undergoing a redesign!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 4.02.05 PM
On the left, you see the current one. On the right, you see the new typeface called Clearview. Let’s compare individual letters. Look at the O in Hellertown and see how much more space is inside on the Clearview example. Look at the E, see how much more open spaces are. Notice the little feet on the bottoms of the Ls, helping the I to distinguish them as Ls. :)

I haven’t noticed any other Clearview signage in Orlando, I wonder when they are going to change the signs to the new ones. Can’t wait to see these in Florida one day!


If Fonts Were People

I found this funny video. you guys should check this out :)


serif vs. sans-serif

Over the last week I have been studying Typography. In my opinion, Typography could be considered the most important part of any design.

If you have ever looked through fonts then I am sure you have noticed the two categories, serif and sans-serif. Many of you may have no idea what the difference between the two might be so I made this little illustration to easily explain. :)



Inattention Blindness

If you haven’t seen what is famously called the “Gorilla video”, then you should watch this video.

This is an example of how our mind can focus on one stimuli and be blind to others in the same environment. So what does inattention blindness mean for web design? It means that you cannot assume that people will see something on a screen just because it’s there. If you want to be sure that people notice a change in their visual field, you should add additional visual cues. This is actually one of the things that I learned from reading Susan Weinschenk’s book, 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People.

I think that psychology is actually very important in the web world.

I hate reading but I’ve tried to start reading a lot more lately. My friend recommended this book to me and I’ve only read the first chapter but I’m already loving it! I’ve always been interested in psychology and web design. I consider myself to be creative, but good looks don’t bring in sales. I really want to learn a lot from some psychological principles and research on how the human mind works. :)


New Blog!

So I deleted my old blog and am starting a new blog here. One of the main reasons for deleting it was because I kept getting spam comments and it was just annoying!

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